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Do you want to enjoy the powerful Contact Form 7 and Google Sheet at the same time?  This plugin is the one you are looking for!

New in 1.1.0: Attachments from file fields now would be stored on your hosting and link to the unique and safe file URLs in the sheet.

Contact Form 7 help you to get various information from the client, then you need a powerful tool to do data analysis to Boost Your Sales, Increase Customer Loyalty and so on. Now Contact Form 7 Google Sheets make your dream come true. Using it, all submitted data from contact form 7 would be directly saved into your Google Sheets documents, then you can add reports, analytics, data analysis, and even email scheduling tools to your spreadsheets in a couple clicks.

this well-designed plugin will make Contact Form 7 even better for you!



  • Save submissions (including attachments) from Contact Form 7 to Google Sheets.
  • Each contact form map to its own Google Sheets spreadsheet.
  • Up-to-date Google Sheets API V4.
  • Each field map to its own column.
  • Easy to setup and use.
  • Support WordPress Multisite.
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Go to the download page under your account in Codecanyon and do that download “Installable WordPress files only”.

You can install plugin via WordPress “Add New” plugin – to do that download “Installable WordPress files only”, click add new and that’s it. In case you do not have permissions to upload to plugins/ directory you will need FTP login info.

Alternative setup. After downloading Contact Form 7 Google Sheets plugin, extract plugin zip and upload it to your plugins directory – wp-content/plugins/ folder of your WordPress installation. Since this is extension for Contact Form 7 you need to install Contact Form 7 before activating the plugin. Contact Form 7 plugin which can be downloaded here.

Quick Setup

make sure all steps from Installation are done.

go to Settings => Contact Form 7 Google Sheet Addon

click the link “here” to get access code

On the google “Request for Permission” page, it would ask for permission to access date, please click “Allow”

Then you will see the access code, please copy this code, switch to your site and paste it there.

If the code is correct then after save changes, the input box would show “Currently Activated”

go to contact form 7 list page and select one you want to add this new feature

on the edit page, you will notice that there is a new tab “Google Sheet Settings”

select the spreadsheet you want to connect to

select the sheet you want to connect to

save and then you will see the list of the columns in your sheet

With the list, you can associate the columns in your sheet to the fields in your form one by one as you want

save it

then when the visitor come and submit with this form in the front-side, all the data would be saved into your spreadsheet


From V1.1.4, for each column of the sheet, you can associate it with the Special Mail Tags of Contact Form 7

From V.1.1.4, we add support for Contact form 7 Selectable Recipient with Pipes (https://contactform7.com/selectable-recipient-with-pipes/) , so if you have field with pipes, our plugin would aumatically add two extra items to the mapping list,  _raw_[field_name] can get value before pipe and _pipe_[field_name] can get the full value with pipe, then the default [field_name] can get value after pipe.

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Chang Log

** Version 1.1.4 ** - Dec. 20, 2019
- Add support for Contact form 7 Special Mail Tags (https://contactform7.com/special-mail-tags/).
- Add support for Contact form 7 Selectable Recipient with Pipes (https://contactform7.com/selectable-recipient-with-pipes/).

** Version 1.1.3 ** - Oct. 24, 2019
- Add the time of submission to the mapping fields list by default, so site admin can choose to record the time of submission into google sheet.

** Version 1.1.2 ** - February 24, 2019
- Catch exception when activate Google Access Code.
- Mark as tested with WordPress v5.1 .
- Mark as tested with Contact Form 7 v5.1.1 .

** Version 1.1.1 ** - September 2, 2018
- Upgrade Google APIs Client Library to v2.2.2 .
- Mark as tested with WordPress v4.9.8 .
- Mark as tested with Contact Form 7 v5.0.3 .

** Version 1.1.0 **
        - Mark as tested with Contact Form 7 v5.0.1 
        - Now all the uploaded attachments for the file field would be stored on the server 
          and save the links to selected sheet .
** Version 1.0.8 **
       - Mark as tested with WordPress v4.9.4 
       - Upgrade Google APIs Client Library to v2.2.1 .
** Version 1.0.7 **
        - Fixed session issue for multisite .
** Version 1.0.6 **
        - Upgrade Google APIs Client Library to v2.2.0 .
        - Fixed bug when change the selected sheet value in a google spreadsheet .
** Version 1.0.5 **
        - Fixed compatibility issue with Contact Form 7 v4.8 .
** Version 1.0.4 **
   	- Fixed an issue where only adding one or two field to a google sheet with large amount of columns.
** Version 1.0.3 **
   	- Bug fixes
** Version 1.0.2 ** 
        - Fixed small bug when switch between different sheets in a spreadsheet 
** Version 1.0.1 **
   	- Fixed PHP 5.6 Issues
** Version 1.0.0 **
   	- Initial release

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